5 Things Worth Following

Follow Friday kitteh

Here are five blogs or people worth following, as decreed by James Whatley, king of social media. Or more specifically, he’s the Lead Social Strategist at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising and Soho Square. I made him talk to me about what I should be reading more of to make an impact in social media, or interesting reads generally, and these are suggestions that cropped up:

1. We Are Social: social media agency with an awesome blog. Not only are they experts in their field and their blogs showcases that, but they have positioned themselves as experts from the very start: with their name.

2. Steve Waddington: definitely follow his blog and Twitter. He’s the European Digital & Social Media Director @KetchumPR and he is excellent if you want to better understand how to work well in PR and social media.

3. Web Curios newsletter: from Imperica, in your inbox every Friday. The first section is social media specific, other than that: lots of random crepe harvested from all over the interwebs.

4. Robert Scoble’s blog: super cool guy, interesting blog,  tech celebrity. Follow his blog or just carry on living in a hole. Whichever. Follow him on Twitter as well.

5. Brown Cardigan: well this one is just a way to lose several hours in the internet’s seedy underbelly. Sometimes NSFW so be careful. Something with a similarly random feel is ConsumeConsume.

Follow them and enjoy x


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